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 Jayne Nixon


Through our lives we are presented with many occasions both happy and sad, some of these events need to be marked in a way that is special to each and everyone of us. To celebrate or mark these occasions we engage in the ritual of ceremony.  


What is a ceremony - a formal occasion, typically one celebrating a particular event or anniversary. 

Jayne Nixon ceremonies are Created to Celebrate, Commemorate and Cherish your very own life changing and memorable events


As a qualified Independent Professional Celebrant I work closely with my clients to create a most sincere and memorable ceremony that will stay with you long after the event. A commemorative ceremony that you will peacefully reflect on with comfort and warmth or a ceremonial celebration that will make you smile with elation of overwhelming happiness and joy. 

In life we create many experiences that form our lasting memories, these need to be captured, cherished and shared. I would be honoured and privileged to be given the opportunity to create with you your once in a life time ceremony.

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