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 Jayne Nixon

Funeral Celebrant

If the ceremony you are interested in is other than a funeral, please select one of the following to read more information: Scattering of Ashes, Memorial Services, Infant Ceremonies, Making your own arrangements and Pet Ceremonies


Arranging a funeral is a very painful and emotional experience, you are most probably in the very early stages of grief which is both physically and emotionally draining for those close to the deceased. It is at this crucial time that you are requested by your chosen Funeral Director to start to make plans for your loved ones funeral.


It is the role of a Celebrant to guide you through the funeral ceremony process in a gentle and supporting manner.  I will sit with you, any family and friends who would like to share their memories and stories to create a tribute to your loved one. My aim is to get to know your loved one by the stories you all share.Together we will create the most memorable ceremony, it wil be a service created totally to your wishes and performed with feeling, sincerity, empathy and real connection to your loved one. 

Any chosen readings or poems can be read by family and friends at the ceremony, it is very healing taking part in the ceremony so we encourage family participation, alternatively I am happy to read them on your behalf. I have contacts who can write a song or poem specially for your loved one, this makes your service even more personal.

On the day I will be waiting at your chosen venue for the service,  I will be with you from this moment on to guide and support you, taking care of proceedings and deliver your tribute to your loved one.  I will work with the Funeral Director and site colleagues to ensure the ceremony goes to plan.

Please contact me for a no-obligation chat to discuss your needs, I would be both honoured and privileged to be given the opportunity to create your special ceremony.

Scattering of Ashes

As part of the grieving process some families feel a further ceremony is needed. Once the committal has taken place arrangements can be made to collect the ashes and hold a further more personal ceremony to scatter, distribute or intern them in a chosen place. This is something I can help you with too, I can oversee the process and prepare a few sensitive, beautiful words as you bid a final farewell to your loved one in a location you know is right for you both. A suitable ritual can be performed also with flowers, candles, fireworks, these are a few suggestions.

Memorial Service

It is often appropriate that Family and close Friends attend a memorial service on or close to the anniversary of the loved ones passing, it

 forms part of the grieving process. It can be in any location, your own home or garden an option. A few chosen words will be delivered and 

any other ceremonial ritual you feel appropriate.

Infant Ceremonies

Losing a child is something no parent or family member should experience.  We are not emotionally designed to cope with such pain. In a sensitive ceremony we will share together the love felt for  your child, we will celebrate its creation, its life in the womb and the love that its presence has left in this world it has left.  Your ceremony can be anything you need it to be and I will guide you each step of the way. This ceremony will assist you in your personal process of grieving, it will acknowledge that something very fundamental has changed your life and how to cope just for this moment in time.

Making Your Own Arrangements

It is a very emotional time when faced with the knowledge you are approaching End of Life through a terminal illness as is indeed deciding to take control of your own Funeral arrangements. This is often done not to only elevate the pressure of your family members but a way of maintaining control and choices even when death approaches having your needs and wishes honoured.  I can guide you through this process supporting you as you make these choices, we cover all the processes of the ceremony planning in a calm and sensitive environment 

of your choice.

Pets Ceremonies

I appreciate that pets are a huge part of family life and losing one is a very distressing and emotional time. I allow family members to

express their grief and say farewell to their pets in a sensitive ceremony that can be held at home, pet cemetery or favourite walking location.

I have found this helps young family members come to terms with bereavement and grief and therefore promotes the healing process.

Scattering of Ashes
Own Arrangements
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