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The Naming Ceremony is a relatively new celebration performed by a Celebrant after the child, if a new born, has been registered with the local Registrar. The naming ceremony is created to your specific wishes and the purpose is to celebrate a new family addition creating special memories for you all to cherish. Extended family and friends come together to show their love for you and your new addition.  A Naming ceremony can also be for a child or young adult that is joining the family whether it be through adoption or the coming together of two families through a second marriage. 


This ceremony is deemed very special to celebrate the unity of families as they start a new life together.  It is a celebration that I will help you create so it suits all your aspirations and to be held in a location of your choosing, it can be informal or formal and can include religious content or exclude it. We can have poems and recitals from books and children's stories and rituals There are many options and we can include any of your ideas also, it is a ceremony when grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends can all be a part of without awkward religious ritual.


I will help create and carry out this very special, emotional and  touching ceremony. Please contact me for a no obligation chat to discuss your options.

 Jayne Nixon

Naming Celebrant

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